MEET Sheri


I am a third-generation designer. My love for the creative arts and design started early in my childhood. My grandfather and my father were master carpenters and my mother was a gifted organizer, professional shopper, decorator, and entrepreneur. She had to be; she was mom in chief for a family of ten! I inherited my organizational techniques, savvy shopping skills, and budget consciousness from her, while my dad instilled in me a relentless work ethic. I watched him problem solve countless home dilemmas; he was my first DIY teacher.

I opened Bolton Designs & Interiors after spending 20 years perfecting the art, science, and business of residential design. Because of my design work, I was selected by former First Lady Michelle Obama and her staff to Decorate the White House during the 2015 holiday season. It was truly an honor to meet her and to work alongside world-renowned London-based Fashion Designer Duro Olowu and the project staff at Rafanelli Events. 

During this experience, I had an epiphany. No one is exempt from the stress of home projects- not even Michelle Obama. Just like your home projects, with thousands of moving pieces, something is bound to go wrong, and the White House project was no exception. Just imagine the overwhelming pressure to make everything look perfect and beautiful because it would be seen by people from all over the world.  And, while you may not be in that exact situation, the pressure certainly feels the same!

I can’t wait to share Design from Within® with you so that you, too, can learn how to design like a professional designer, take your design IQ to new heights and complete home projects once and for all.